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    Hot Doug’s in Avondale is closing permanently in 4 weeks, so I made my first and final pilgrimage over the weekend with @moutheyes. We got there at 10 AM before the shop opened and didn’t eat until 3 PM. Yes, we waited 5 hours for hot dogs. I don’t want to talk about it.

    Fruits of our labor: foie gras duck sausage with truffle aioli, cassoulet dog with herb mustard and duck confit, basque-style pork sausage with cider mustard and Iberico cheese, corndog, and duck-fat fries. Also ordered another foie gras sausage, polish sausage with all the trimmings, and a steak au poivre sausage with whiskey cheese and fried onions to go, because I felt like I needed to buy as many hot dogs as allowed after 5 hours of queuing. (All three still tasted delicious the morning after)

    I totally missed this and didn’t realize Hot Doug’s was closing. Run, don’t walk, to this venerable hot dog haven if you get the opportunity. You won’t be alone. If you are able to make it, please have a hot dog for me (I like foie). Sadly, I probably won’t be back in Chicago until late October, by which time this venerable haunt will have closed.


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    "Down By Law" (1986)

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

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    Tumblr Tuesday: Travel

    BBC PopUp
    Day one of the BBC road trip: Visit New Jersey, get into a car accident. Welcome to America, BBC.

    The Dalai Lomo
    The Holy Grail of URL jokes.

    Backpacker’s Guide to Earth
    Tips on travel, packing, and how to handle elderly British women giving you some serious elevator eyes.

    The Local Wanderer
    Two Canadian girls currently in Portland, Oregon? Doesn’t sound very local to me. Then again I haven’t left my home in eight years.

    Travel 4 Food
    If you’re going to travel 4 anything, travel 4 ramen. And 4 life experience. And 4 meet people. But mostly 4 ramen.

    Photo via thelocalwanderer

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    I think this may be my new bottled cold brew jammer.

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    Fashion models working in Florence, Italy

    August 1951

    Photo by Milton Greene

    (via jamie-frasered)

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    'Phone Lanes' for People who Can't Stop Texting and Walking | Via

    Some places have lanes for bicycles, others for motorcycles, but there’s a place in mainland China that boasts a different type of lane altogether: one for phone addicts glued to their screens. According to a Chinese publication, the cellphone lane above was spotted along a place called Foreigner Street in Chongqing city, one of the five major cities in the country. The sidewalk was most likely painted on for everyone’s safety, because, hey, if there’s distracted driving, there’s also distracted walking, as perfectly demonstrated by the woman in this video.

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  • Greta Gerwig photographed by Jody Rogac [x]

    (Source: gretagerwig-daily, via audreyhepburncomplex)

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    A night on the town

    (via audiblysilent)

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    While he works as an editor of a food magazine by day, Brazilian creative Rafael Mantesso also maintains a heartwarming Instagram featuring his adorable Bull Terrier.

    Rafael photographs his pup against a myriad of simple and hilarious backdrops that he illustrates himself.

    It’s Impossible to Look at This Instagram Without Smiling

    via Another Mag

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